Medical Treatment in Cyprus

Medical treatment in Cyprus is cheaper for common and sometimes more complex surgeries than in other countries in Europe. Cyprus has a very stable and safe health system with highly skills professionals trained mostly in European and UK hospitals. Medical specialists in all major cities are of very high standards and patients can be seen within days rather than months or even years, therefore operations can be done within shorter time frame thus ensuring better results.

In Cyprus there are 2 sectors of hospitals. The governmental hospitals where you need to be eligible to go to and the private sector where all can go but either you need to hold a private insurance or pay privately. It is no secret among people that private health care is better than the public one.

Few years back in 2019 after a lot of efforts the government in Cyprus has introduced the GESY system, National Health System, where all people can go to any doctor of their liking and with a small nominal fee, after all they do take the money from taxes, you can see any doctor anywhere.  This had a great impact on the improvement of the health care on the island for the locals.

If now you are on holidays and you are from an EU country you can visit any public hospital with your ECHIC card in order to be treated, but usually you have to wait for hours to be seen. If now you want to be seen fairly quickly and looked after properly then you are better off taking a private travelling insurance from home which will cover you in case of need. Be careful though as there are insurances that they only cover emergency treatments and then you will need to be transferred to public hospitals (do read the small prints…).

In the unfortunate event that you may need to be taken to a private hospital then make sure that you have with you your passport or ID, copy of your insurance and plane tickets as these are the most common things you will be asked upon in order to inform your insurance and ask for coverage.

In all areas of Cyprus where tourist mainly go there is a very good infrastructure concerning the health care. In case of need you can always ask your tour operator’s rep or hotel receptionist or even check the net where to go to. You will be seen in no time and I assure you, you will be looked after promptly and professionally.   

zambartas Winery

Akis Zambartas is the founder of the Zambartas winery. Back in 1970 he went to France to study Chemistry in Lyon and Enology in Montpellier. He was the first university educated enologist of the island. In 1980’s he conducted a research that changed the course of the Cypriot wine by identifying and recording 13 lost Cypriot indigenous grape varieties.

In 2006, he decided to follow his dream of establishing his own boutique winery with the focus on making quality wine from indigenous varieties. His son Marcos had then decided to join his father’s efforts and he flew to Australia in order to gain hands on experience in the winemaking process.

Since then, Zambartas Wineries has grown to a production of 120.000 bottles a year and established itself as a pioneering, quality producer. They  manage over 13 hectares of vineyards, both young and old, which are tended organically by their dedicated team. They have introduced the innovative ‘Single Vineyard’ Range and constantly look for ways to improve.

Zambartas winery is situated in Ayios Amvrosios Village, among the most beautiful sights of Cyprus in the heart of Krasochoria Wine Region of Cyprus